Non-download Casinos

On the off chance that you’re unsure about downloading a casino program on to your computer, a no download online casino is perfect for you. Players tend to seek more and more convenience in their gaming experience which is a good reason no download online casino games present a great appeal.

As you’ve presumably perused in our Casinos by Type page, there are two interfaces in which online casinos run; Download and Non-download. Online Casinos initially began as download casino which was first launched by Microgaming, a highly reputed software company. Presently it appears that this pattern is moving in a consistent pace towards non-download casinos.

This page is dedicated to Non-download/Web-based Casinos and after reading articles on both casino platforms, we hope you make a choice that fit your requirements.

About No download casinos

Some casinos have adapted a “no download” version of online casinos which you may play in your web browser, without installing any software programs on your computer. In almost all cases, the casino will require you to have the flash plugin installed (which is presumably inherent in your internet browser anyway), although a few may require Java updates. These casinos can be helpful for individuals who are unwilling to introduce any casino software clients on their computer. Playing directly through your web browsers empower the player to play your favourite online Australian casino games directly in your browser, keeping your PC’s memory free for other things.

Remember that an Australian instant play casino is just like a regular casino in every way. However, since these casinos are available anywhere with an internet, we suggest you take precautions if you are playing casino games for real money in someone else’s device. Don’t save passwords on public computers and be careful inputting personal data over public networks when playing in online casinos where no downloading is required.

With today’s fast Internet speeds and the advances in flash software, instant play casinos are very similar to playing at other online casinos where you download the entire casino client. Many Aussies are choosing instant play casinos so that they do not load their computer up with third party software. By using an instant play casino you save your computer’s memory space and have just as much fun as you would if you had download the entire software package.

Instant-Play casino games

You can play all casino games offered by any download casino by using the instant play version. The selection of instant games is great and if you are looking for live dealer games, all the live online casinos are flash based. Play live blackjack, baccarat and roulette using instant play casinos.

Instant play casinos also offer a great selection of online slots. Slots are very popular and all the casinos make sure they have a huge selection available. Of course you will also find a great selection of online blackjack, roulette, baccarat and all the other popular table games and video poker.

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Advantages of Instant Play casinos

No download online casinos offer some benefits over the download counter parts that can be very advantageous depending on the player you are.

  • The biggest benefit generally with no download casinos is the fact that you don’t have to download and install casino software on your computer. This makes quick and easy access to playing your favourite online casino games. Apart from quick access, players are less vulnerable to viruses and malware since downloading a program from the internet is not part of the process.

  • No download casinos offer fast access as there is no waiting for the software to download. As no hard disk is being used, this may be quicker than playing at a download casino.

  • Players with an instant play casino account are not limited to a single computer. As this type of play needs the Internet, players may gamble wherever there is access to the internet.

  • For players who are still in the phase of trying out different casinos, it’s easier for them to try out the games in an instant manner than go through the process of downloading software first.

  • While most casino software applications are compatible only to Windows OS, no-download casinos are accessible by all Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Disadvantages of Instant Play casinos

  • Loading games in no download casinos might take more time if you have a slow internet speed since the whole function heavily depends on the internet.

  • Navigation is easier in download casinos as the format is more dynamic and players do not need to refresh pages unlike web based casinos.