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Considering that online casinos fully depend on an electronic platform, computer or mobile, they need to operate on a higher technical system than brick and mortar casinos. If you are already familiar with online casinos, it’s quite likely that you are acquainted or even associated with download casinos since they have been around from the very start. Back in 1994, Microgaming, an Isle of Man Company was the first software operator to develop online casino software.

This page is especially devoted in describing how download casinos function as well as clarifies the pros and cons of download casinos.

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Download based casino introduction

Download based casinos might be spelled out as casino sites where the player downloads the casino software program on a computer system after which the software program is installed on the hard disk drive. The process is straightforward in addition to being less complicated than it might sound. The speed of download and installation depends on the capacity of your computer along with the speed of the internet.

There are certain specifications that require fulfilling when a player wants to download casino software:

–          A certain disk space, generally between 250 – 300 MB should be available on the hard disk

–          A Windows operating system

Most key functions are usually processed through the software program which the user downloads, saves and installs to his laptop or computer. The application allows punters to execute each of the following actions:

–          Registration

–          Depositing

–          Gameplay

–          Customer Service

–          Withdrawal

–          Customer Support

Casino software download procedure

  • Visit the casino website from your browser and the download option is available on the homepage itself. Click “Download Now” or “Play Now” and a setup dialog box will open. Click Save and it will download and save the installation file on to your hard drive.
  • Upon opening the installation file, the software will open and perform a onetime installation which will often consume some time.
  • After the installation is complete, the casino is available from your computer’s start menu or the desktop.

Even after installing the software, players are required to install each game individually but this is a onetime installation. However, if the casino launches new games, the software has to be updated and the new games have to be installed.

Download based online casinos are relatively more popular although players do seems to be shifting to the non-download platform gradually. However, download based casinos still carry numerous advantages over its web-based counterpart but players still face considerable disadvantages whilst dealing with this casino type.

Advantages of Download Casinos

  • Since you’re downloading the casino software, the overall flow of the system depends more on the computer processor rather than the internet. Thusly, players don’t essentially require fast internet connection, unlike Non-download Casinos which are highly dependent on a decent internet connection. However, a slow internet might slow down the actual downloading process by a considerable amount.
  • Some online download casinos offer non-download platform as a complimentary format, however, some benefits such as certain bonuses or promotions may be available only to those playing on the downloaded version of software.
  • Some players may find the interface of the software client more efficient since it is a centralized system. Download based casinos have all the functions formatted, therefore keeping it simple and creating one click accessibility. User interface and efficiency are known to be smoother and dynamic in the downloaded software rather than having to refresh the pages on the web browser.

Disadvantage of Download Casinos

  • Although most reputed casinos are supported by the best security packages to make their client downloads 100% secure, there is always a chance that you might get malware into your computer. There’s greater risk when downloading software clients from less reputed online casinos.
  • Since the software is downloaded into your personal computer, players only have one access to those games through one computer, which neglects one of the biggest advantages of wagering in an online casino; not having access to games anywhere.
  • Some players might find the process of downloading and installing a bit of a hassle. In an age where people are used to instant access through the internet, going through the process might take a bit of time; however, we shall remind you that it is a one-time setup.
  • If a player is still in the process of trying out several online casinos, they’ll probably want to skip the hassle downloading and installing the software and prefer to play the games straight away.
  • Downloading casino software is possible only in Windows OS. There are handful online casinos which provide software compatible to Mac but the number is still very low.

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