Casinos by Type

There used to be an era where the word ‘Casino’ was synonymous to just land-based casino. Players pictured a huge fancy building with flashy lights but now this scenario is just a slice of the modern gambling scene. When the internet came into widespread use, it wasn’t long before online gambling stepped into the scene revolutionizing the industry and taking it to new heights.

We have introduced online casinos in our ‘Online Casinos’ page and now we go a bit deeper into its types. It’s easier to define online casinos as gambling through the internet but we can still divide it into 2 different platforms. At the end, it is gambling online but the medium you choose to play online games within the internet may differ. Choosing the correct platform is very essential and your choice highly depends on your personal preference.

The purpose of this article is to explain the different types of online casinos and their pros and cons.

  • Download Casino
  • Non-Download/Web-based Casino
  • Mobile Casino

Like we mentioned, although it’s the same game that you are playing, the differences in these casino types can make a significant impact on the overall experience. While both offer uniquely attractive entertainment, each has their own set of attributes and their own benefits and drawbacks. Just Aussie Casino takes this opportunity to explain the different types of online casinos and we hope by the end of this article you will be able to make an informed decision.

Download based casino

Download-logo-150X150-322653Online casinos first started in a download platform and since then, the overall experience of online gambling has improved enormously. With download casinos, the player has to download and install casino software into their computer. The software supports all features and manages all tasks from registering to depositing to playing games. You need to allocate a certain amount of hard disc space for each download you make.

After downloading and installing the software, players will have to install the games that he/she desires to play; this installation is a onetime setup but every time a new game is launched, the installation is necessary. Once the software has been installed and ready to go, users can carry out all the necessary functions through the software itself. Registering, banking, playing the games, contacting customer support is all available on the software and rarely do players find the need to visit the online website of the casino.

Please visit our Download Casino page for more details.

 Non-download casino

web-browser-350X229-100220These are no-download version of casinos which you can play in your web-browser without having to download or install any additional software on your computer. Generally, the casino will require you to have a flash plugin and java, which is readily available on your browser in order to play the casino games since all of them are flash based.

Non-download platform can be considered a relatively new introduction where players can play an online casino game from the web browser itself. As online casinos have developed considerably throughout the last decade, players are looking for more comfortable ways to gamble online and not having to download the software and accessing your account from anywhere in the world is a more contemporary way of ensuring that comfort. As no downloading is involved in the process, players can register, deposit and play games immediately.

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Mobile Casino

mobile-casino-500X355-445811Mobile Casino cannot be considered a different type of online casino but still it is a different platform which may include either downloading an application or visiting the mobile site or both.

The limitations of mobile casino depend on the casino and the features they have enabled. Some casinos activate only basic functions such as logging in and playing games whereas others allow registering, depositing, withdrawing and even contacting customer service through mobile phones and tablets.

The more obvious advantage of mobile casino gaming is that you do not have to carry a huge laptop around to play casino games. As long as you have internet access on your mobile, casino games are readily available to you.

As we have emphasized earlier, each platform has their benefits and drawbacks. We have dedicated an entire article explaining how each platform works and their main advantages and disadvantages over their counterparts. In the end, it comes down to a personal preference and convenience.