Beginner’s Guide

While newly venturing into online casinos, there are too many aspects to get your head around. Think of an online casino as a bank; you can always create a new account in another bank but it’s always best to choose and work with the best around. For beginner’s who aren’t used to transacting money online, it can be especially overwhelming and when it comes to casinos, we know how skeptical people can get.

Well, Just Aussie Casino is here to guide and direct you on the right way of embarking upon an online casino for the first time. We will take you through the process in a step-by-step steady pace so you can catch up to the numerous functions that need attention while playing in an online casino for the first time. Even for players who are already dealing with casinos on the internet, it’s still smart to read our beginner’s guide as there is always fast-paced development that never ends. We hope to update all the new happenings in the online world of casinos through this beginner’s guide.

In this article, we will be covering the following subjects:

  • Reasons to play casino games online
  • Choosing an online casino
  • Where to start
  • Understanding online casino bonuses
  • Learning online casino games

By the end of this article, we hope you will be able to trust online casinos more and have a clear idea of what online casinos really are, how to choose them and what steps to follow once you have.

Why play online?

The reason to play online casino can be answered with another question; why do anything online? We’re sure you’ve answered half the question already.

    - Is it convenient? Yes, is it, that’s why it’s the internet
    - Does it save a lot of time? Yes, it does; no travelling and no question.
    - Can you enjoy it from anywhere? Yes, all you need is a device with internet access.
    - Do you need a bulk of cash to play? No, you don’t; the minimum deposit in most casinos is $20 or even $10 at some.
    - Now comes the big question; is it trustworthy?

    You can trust an online casino the same way you can trust a bank. They are both managed by an operator and are regulated by a reputed jurisdiction. Online Casinos would not have survived for the last two decade if people didn’t think it was trustworthy. However, we do warn you that there are rogue casinos out there that are not to be trusted and for that, read on to learn how to choose online casinos.

If you still have doubts, click here to go to our Online Casinos page where we have discussed this issue of online casino legality and licensing in more detail.

Choosing the right Online Casino

It is very hard to define a ‘right casino’; it is partially subjective and also objective at the same time. Choosing an online casino can be highly influenced by fellow players, online reviews and more.

However, the facts and practicality should never be neglected for instance, if the casino has restricted a player from your territory, you cannot play in it regardless of its great reviews online. If you do not have access to the payments methods accepted by the casino, there’s a full stop. There are numerous issues that you have to simply go through before actually playing for real in the casino.

We advise you to read through our ‘Choosing an online casino’ page where we have provided a checklist that players are suggested to go through to make sure they have trusted the right casino and registered to enjoy the experience.

Getting Started

We assume by now that you’ve decided to play in online casinos and learned how to choose a suitable online casino. Let’s get on with what to do when you enter an online casino.

Please do not expect a security guard to salute you and open the door after which you are greeted by lovely ladies and guided to the cashier. Instead, it’s just the click of a few mouse buttons and basic information input that can get you started right away.

We have explained the entire process in detail (although there is not much to explain since the process is made very short and swift) in our ‘Getting Started’ page.

Working with online casino bonuses

As soon as players enter an online casino website, the casino’s bonuses and promotions are generally right on their faces. Players who know what to do with it take great advantage while players who aren’t familiar to these bonuses just ignore it.

Bonuses and Promotions draw a thick line between land based and online casinos. Online Casinos tend to come up with highly alluring bonuses to demonstrate their dominance over their brick-and-mortar counterpart.

Bonuses and promotions can come in numerous forms and we list the most common types of bonuses below. Please click on the bonus types to go to our casino bonus guide page and learn all about how these bonuses work.

Deposit Bonus

    - Welcome Bonus
    – Reload Bonus

No deposit bonus

    – No deposit cash bonus
    – Free Spins bonus
    – Refer a friend Bonus

Loyalty programs

    – Cash back programs
    – VIP Clubs

Please note that all bonuses have certain terms and conditions attached that limit the ways a player can claim and use these bonuses. We suggest you to go to our ‘Bonus guide’ page to learn all about casino bonus terms and conditions.

Online Casino Games

Online Casinos have introduced a whole library of games for players to enjoy, each with their own payouts and unique entertainment value. Apart from great entertainment, there is this great vibe of prizes that goes hand in hand with these games.

Some online casinos offer these games in practice mode but when it comes to wagering money, players need to know at least the basics if not the ins and outs of popular casino games. Just Aussie Casinos provide a ’how to play’ guide on all the top online casino games.

Click here to go to our Games guide.

If players want to go in detail on some specific games, they can read the complete casino game guide by clicking on the list below.

  • Online Pokies/Slots Guide
  • Online Blackjack Guide
  • Online Roulette Guide
  • Online Video Poker Guide
  • Other Games (Craps, Baccarat, Scratch cards and Keno)

We strongly recommend readers to make full use of our beginner’s guide before registering and wagering in online casinos. Good Luck!